Series SF03 to 3B Welding machines with radial guidance

With our STRECKER standard series of wire welding machines from type SF03 to 3b, we offer a very wide portfolio of manual machines and accessories.

Equipped for producing strong butt welds, we can achieve the optimal clamping force using the STRECKER eccentric clamping device by hand. The upset force is generated by an upset pressure spring. Typically, the power is selected using a step switch with 10 steps.

The unique feature on a conventional STRECKER wire butt welding machine: Simple single-lever operation of all mechanical welding parameters with a step recommendation. The right-hand operating lever is used to initiate welding.

Designed as a table model or floor model whilst special designs are also possible. Attachment options for the complete STRECKER accessory package (cutting, grinding, lighting, etc.).

All STRECKER welding machines stand out due to the high safety standards applied in terms of operation, ergonomics and wire handling. Repeatably accurate welds over the entire service life are characteristic for our well-known STRECKER quality. Welding machines with the "V30 smart" welding controller and FPC machines are always "IoT-Ready”.

Every day, thousands of STRECKER welding machines are used worldwide to produce precise and repeatable butt welds.


SF03 to 3b series - welding machine with radial guiding

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