STRECKER Service Spare Parts

Manual spare parts request

Original spare and wearing parts from the manufacturer.

When you need spare and wearing parts for your STRECKER welding machine, our team will be happy to provide you with advice at any time. The contact data for our customer service department, including the contact form, can be found below.

Please note the following information when you request spare and wearing parts:

Your machine

When ordering machine parts or accessories for a specific machine, please be sure to indicate the machine number and machine type. The machine number and type can both be found on the machine name plate.

Sample spare parts lists

When ordering spare or wear parts, please use the spare parts lists with the corresponding order numbers contained in the operating instructions.

See example for welding jaws, STRECKER type MS80.

Replacement data sheet, V-controllers

For replacement or repair orders for microprocessor controllers V1, V2 or V20, please use the following form.

Replacement data sheet, V-controller

Write to us
Do you need spare parts for a STRECKER machine?

Use the contact form to request the spare parts you need. Please see your machine’s operating instructions for the respective order numbers.

Monika Neuheuser
customer service
German / English
Phone: +49 6431 / 96 10 - 13

Our Phone Service Hours:
Mon - Thu 07:30 - 16:00 CET
Fri 07:30 am - 3:00 pm

Our international representatives:
Worldwide Representatives

Online Shop

Ordering spare parts and tools from our online shop is easy.

Please contact us so that we can set up a user account for you.
We will then send you the link to the online shop along with your login details by email.