Ring & moulded parts in large quantities

Butt welding machines for larger quantities in wire from 1 to 8 mm Ø.

STRECKER offers a comprehensive range of butt welding machines from the S or SS series for larger quantities.

The range includes series welding machines of the S or SS series for joining steel, stainless steel, titanium or alloy wires. STRECKER welding machines ensure precise, repeatable and strong butt welds.

Depending on the application, these are pneumatically operated devices or welding machines with fully hydraulic motion sequences.

After starting the welding process, the two ends are welded together by the current which then flows and the upset force which is applied. Optionally, preheating is carried out to achieve an optimal temperature profile.

Operation of STRECKER welding machines is easy to learn. They meet the highest standards of convenience and ergonomics. The compact and robust machine design with intuitive operator guidance is designed for industrial use in production. Furthermore, a wide range of welding and annealing controls is available, e.g. NV time relays, LNV-V20/V30 or the FullParameterControl (FPC) control systems. It is also possible to combine the controls with pulse or medium-frequency technology for optimized welding results.

SS welding machines are designed for wire connections of the highest quality and with documented reproducibility. The result is a homogeneous, very thin and pore- and burr-free connection. The SS series is equipped with our innovative FullParameterControl (FPC) control system as standard. The complete welding recipe is stored safely and with accurate repeatability in the controller. All settings of the machine are made automatically according to the recipe selected with no operator intervention. Optionally, the quality of the welding process can be monitored with the STRECKER Parameter Monitoring system.

With the S series we focus on the requirements of our customers for the production of larger quantities using semi-automation. Of particular importance here is the direct interaction between man and machine in the feed and discharge steps, taking into account high safety standards.

Every day, thousands of STRECKER welding machines are used worldwide to produce precise and repeatable butt welds.


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