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AUGUST STRECKER - More than 85 years serving the wire and cable industry



AUGUST STRECKER GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1933 in Düsseldorf. August Strecker was the managing director while the diplomaed engineer, Kurt Grube, designed our welding machines. The first patent was registered already in the founding year.


Since 1943, the company has been based in Limburg/Lahn. Mr Grube took over sole directorship of the company in 1945 and subsequently shaped the enterprise decisively. During this period, the premises on Jahn street were occupied and expanded, the company was marked by robust growth and the range of machines was broadened considerably. The first double-upset butt welding machine was developed, built and delivered.


After the sudden death of Kurt Grube in 1969, his wife, Annemarie Grube, took over the directorship of the company. For more than 25 years, she lead the company, enjoying great success, together with the two authorized officers, Horst Hanisch and Rainer Stock. Both of them were appointed to the directorship in 1985. The new administrative building was constructed and the customer base was expanded through worldwide trade fairs from the beginning of the 70s onward.

The 90s

In the mid-90s, Mrs. Grube withdrew from active leadership of the company, and since then, Dipl.-Ing. Rainer Stock, with his many decades of close connection with the company, has been the primary contact for both our customers and employees. His years of experience, profound understanding of mechanical engineering and knowledge of the specific needs of our customers in the wire and cable industry are a substantial factor in ensuring the company's success.


Mrs Annemarie Grube, managing partner of many years, passed away.


In summer of 2007, sons Bernd and Michael Stock purchased the majority stake in the company from the Grube family. Both have solid backgrounds as engineers for machine tooling and already possess many years of experience in the industry.


The production floor space in the Limburg plant was enlarged and adapted to meet new needs.

Together in leadership of the company, father and sons will ensure the continued stable, healthy and long-term growth of the company and can rest assured of the complete support of all its employees.