Series KS, KSC, KSCZ Cold-welding machines

The STRECKER cold welding machines from the series KS, KSC and KSCZ produce joints with high strength at high pressure, without electrical heating and without additives.

With the KS20, the clamping and upset forces are generated hydraulically. The programme sequence is electrically controlled. The KSC500-800 cold welding machines work with pneumatic systems. The KS10, the smaller KSC, as well as the KSCZ series operate with manual force.

Each wire diameter to be welded requires a separate set of clamping jaws. For up to 3.00 mm Ø, grooves for one or two wire diameters can be provided per clamping jaw set, i.e. either for identical dimensions, or for two different wire diameters (permissible difference approx. 30% max.). From 3.00 mm Ø, only one wire dimension per clamping jaw set is possible. The wire tolerance must not exceed 3%.

The wire ends to be connected do not need to be specially prepared. They are cold welded in the clamping device with several upset cycles. The welding bead that is created is sheared off with a deburring stroke that follows immediately (KS10/KS20). The burr ring then only needs to be removed.

All STRECKER welding machines stand out due to the high safety standards applied in terms of operation, ergonomics and wire handling. Repeatably accurate welds over the entire service life are characteristic for our well-known STRECKER quality.

Every day, thousands of STRECKER welding machines are used worldwide to produce precise and repeatable butt welds.


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