As a successful family business, we work in a future-oriented and sustainable manner with a high level of quality consciousness.

We have worked to gain the trust of a wide range of customers in 110 countries worldwide by providing consistently good quality for over 90 years. Direct contact and close communication via one of our more than 50 representatives worldwide ensure that we always have an open ear for the individual requirements and special problems of our customers.

We are a traditional family business with long-term goals.

Personal Customer Contact

As an exhibitor at international trade fairs at home and abroad, we maintain personal contact with the users of our products and present our machines to an interested public.

Numerous factory visits on site and training courses for setters at our production facility in Limburg an der Lahn are important components in a long-term partnership with our customers.

Research & Development

We develop complete solutions for individual manufacturing processes. As the market leader, we invest in the continuous development of our high-quality butt welding machines.

Research and development are the fundamental components of our enterprise. Both good contacts and a lively exchange of information with significant European plant manufacturers enable us to react quickly to new trends and developments. We are the first choice when it comes to equipping joint customer projects.

Qualified Personnel

We use modern machine tools and high quality materials to produce our machines. Enthusiastic and motivated employees are also key elements for a cooperative partnership with our customers.

These well-trained specialists have enabled us to deliver exceptional and long-lasting quality MADE IN GERMANY for many decades. Training within our own company forms the foundation for our young and talented employees to grow into their complex responsibilities and to remain focused and committed in their enthusiastic service of our customers over the course of decades.

Quality Made In Germany

We engage in continuous process optimization based on our many decades of experience.

Our machines are robust and designed for a long service life. It's not unusual to find our customers working with machines that are already 30, 40 or more years old. All of these are contributing factors for the 5 year warranty given on our machine products. We believe that our location in Germany is the right choice for enabling us to remaining close to production while continually developing and improving our high-quality welding machines.

Reduce CO₂ Emissions!

We help our customers reduce their ecological footprint and also promote ecologically friendly projects throughout the world.

We have committed ourselves to compensate all direct CO₂ emissions that result from our internal processes and offices or from business trips to our customers. We do so by investing in green initiatives via our partner Planetly.

Safety – For a Lifetime!

We are the world's leading manufacturer of butt welding machines. Our machines comply with the strict requirements of the European Machinery Directive (CE conformance). This is an important purchase criterion for many customers – not only in Europe.

Since the 2006 introduction of the "CCC" (Chinese Compulsory Certification) quality standard required by the Chinese government, we have been able to export machines to the People's Republic of China in compliance with local standards.

For the North American market, we accordingly use UL/CSA certified components – provided they are available with the required technical properties.

Michael Stock

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