Series LP, LG Soldering machines

STRECKER offers a comprehensive range of soldering machines. It includes machines for soldering round wire and flat wire.

The material is heated uniformly to the desired target temperature using resistance heating so that the solder in the joint zone begins to flow. With type LP10, for example, this takes place with the aid of a controlled pyrometer so that the machine ends the soldering operation when the target temperature is reached.

Type LP10 is used especially in the production of transformers. When soldering flat material (not overlapping), the solder is added manually with this machine.

With the models in the “LG” series, both round and flat material can be soldered. For round material, the solder must be added manually. When soldering flat material, the material is overlapped and a small plate of solder (incl. flux) is placed between the material layers.

Day in and day out, thousands of STRECKER machines are used the world over to produce precise and repeatable solder joints.


Series LP, LG - Soldering machines

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