SE Series Stranded wire and wire rope welding machines

STRECKER offers a comprehensive range of rope and cable welding machines.

The SE welding machine series is designed for the effective joining of stranded wires and conductor cables made of aluminium or copper in tubes. We specify the clamping jaw required for each size or setup. This means that even with the smallest possible single-wire setups, we meet the highest requirements, for example, for the automotive industry.

These machines are also found in front of extruder lines, as the optimal welding results with minimal thickening facilitate a smooth workflow. Even wire ropes of different diameters can be welded. The result is a homogeneous, pore- and burr-free connection.

The wire rope and cable ends are inserted into a tube made of ceramic or graphite until the ends touch. Ceramic is the material of first choice here. As a rule, we use graphite tubes from > 400 mm² (version G).

After starting the welding process, the two ends are welded together by the current which then flows and the upset force which is applied. Optionally, preheating is carried out to achieve an optimal temperature profile. After completion of the weld, the tube is broken off. The surface at the weld is burr-free, clean, smooth and only imperceptibly thicker.

Operation of STRECKER welding machines is easy to learn. The pneumatic welding clamping fixture is standard equipment starting with type SE12 and meets the highest demands in terms of convenience and ergonomics (the same applies for type PA100-SE). The upset pressure is then also pneumatic. The compact and robust machine design with intuitive operator guidance is designed for industrial use in production.

Every day, thousands of STRECKER welding machines are used worldwide to produce precise and repeatable butt welds.


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