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News from Strecker

  • The STRECKER multiplication table: 1 + 1/0 = 1


    This calculation mode is special, truly special.

    As you know we continue to further improve our buttwelding machines. Today we would like to inform you about the new working ranges of our TYPE 1 welding machine. We have modified some mechanical parts / components, so we are able to cover the range of the next smaller unit Type 1/0, too. The new machine type 1 (1+1/0 = 1) is available since July 01, 2017.

    The NEW TYPE 1 is arranged for drawable buttwelding of

    Steel Ø 0,5 - 7 mm or
    Inox Ø 0,5 - 6 mm or
    Copper Ø 0,5 - 4 mm or
    Brass Ø 0,6 - 6 mm or
    Aluminium Ø 0,9 - 6 mm
    • Clamping force: Eccentric clamping device, manually operated
    • Upsetting force: Upset pressure spring
    • Welding capacity: Step switch with 10 steps (NEW!)

    Simple single lever adjustment of all mechanical welding parameters with step switch recommendation per position. Frequency switchable 50/60 Hz by a qualified electrician (NEW).

    No need for combined windings anymore (previously required to weld different materials on the same unit). Note: in standard design, our welders are suitable for one material only. Combined versions need to be specified at the time of order preparation.

    Designed as table top model. One set of clamping jaws for the complete range is included in the scope of supply. For wire diameter smaller than 1,0 mm please order the STRECKER wire cutter "E09-Z2-1958B" for a straight cut.

  • Duales Studium bei STRECKER


    Wir sind Kooperationspartner der Technischen Hochschule Mittelhessen (THM) beim StudiumPlus (Duales Studium). - Persönlich. Praxisnah. Professionell. - Duales Studium Hessen.

  • 2015 Champion Apprentice


    STRECKER is proud to announce that once again in 2015, one of our apprentices passed their final examination with a grade of “very good”: Mr. Benjamin Olschok was awarded a special certificate for this outstanding performance as a “2015 Champion Apprentice” by the Limburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

    Ausbildungs-Champions der IHK-Limburg 2015
    Foto © Industrie- und Handelskammer Limburg)

  • First Wire Symposium organized in India


    For the first time ever in the Indian wire and cable industry, Niehoff of India together with MIKROTEK Bangalore, August STRECKER (Germany) and ZELLER & GMELIN (Germany) organized “THE WIRE SYMPOSIUM” in India during the month of October 2015.

    Learn more on the expometals.net website

  • Handover of 50,000th STRECKER machine


    Foto: Handing over the 50,000th Strecker welding machine

    After its final completion and a successful factory acceptance test, the 50,000th Strecker welding machine was handed over to a delegation of the customer after a small celebration at the company site in Limburg. The machine with serial number 50,000 is one of up to now 8 machines ordered by one of the leading automative industry suppliers. This tailor-made machine was customized for the special requirements of a fully automated manufacturing line in close collaboration with our

    Application: automotive industry / mass products

    • integration in automated manufacturing process
    • placement by robots
    • communication with manufacturing line
    • documentation of process data for quality management
    • monitoring of machine function
    • double-deck version with 2 welding modules
    • excellent welding quality
    • repeatable results
    • high number of cycles, depending on material / dimension

    Technical data: welding area

    • steel wire dia. 4.0 - 14.0 mm / profile 12 - 150 mm²

    The machine is equipped with all interfaces and sensor systems required to communicate with the placement machine or the manufacturing line.

    • FPC (Full Parameter Control)
    • hydraulic welding and upsetting
    • automatic deburring
    • integration of welder in production line
    • PÜS (parameter monitoring)
    • datalogging
    • LAN-remote maintenance
    • double-deck version, two superimposed welding devices, each with hydraulic power unit and welding transformer

    Product specification:

    The machine is designed for the welding and integrated deburring of mass products in manufacturing lines with high automation.

    Design for both steel and nonferrous metals possible.

    Foto: Strecker SS20-FPC Foto: Customized Strecker SS20-2-FPC
    STRECKER basic model Typ SS20-FPC Strecker special model Type SS20-2-FPC 'double-deck version with separate switch cabinet'

    This example is just one of many and shows another strength of August Strecker GmbH & Co. KG. Known for more than 80 years as the leading manufacturer of welding machines for the wire and cable industry, the name STRECKER is a worldwide synonym for quality and highest standards. The expertise is now expanded and intensively applied in the sector of special machine construction and the integration of welding machines in automated manufacturing processes.

    For further information, our sales team will be at your service anytime.


  • Type SS120-FPC vertical with handling system


    Application: manufacturer of structural steel

    Foto: Strecker SS120-FPC

    • continuous process through welding at vertical pay-off
    • increased coil weights at separate welding station
    • reduced workload / save on personnel / decrease of injuries by handling system

    Project volume:

    • without handling system up to dia. 16 mm
    • with handling system bigger than dia. 16 mm

    Technical data: working range for steel wire dia. 8.0-30.0 mm

    The machine is designed as a compact unit incorporating welding transformer, clamping devices, upsetting mechanism and hydraulic system as well as the switch cabinet, all integrated with the electric control. It can be supplied on a travel unit movable in parallel and in a 90 degree angle to the manufacturing line.

    Foto: The Strecker SS120-FPC in operation

    • SS 120 FPC vertical on a motor-driven platform
    • right-sided, machine left of pay-off
    • annealing device 'NV' with pyrometer (optional)
    • centrically-cutting hydraulic wire cutter for up to 30 mm BST500 (optional)
    • for wire dias. bigger 16 mm, there is facilitated handling to insert / clamp the material
    • automatic deburring
    • PÜS (parameter monitoring), datalogging, LAN-remote maintenance (optional)

    Product specification:

    The machine is designed for welding of hanging steel wire coils with integrated automatic deburring at a horizontal wire pay-off. The wires are welded in the coil radius. The hydraulic handling system facilitates processing of wires with a diameter of up to 30 mm. With the travel unit, an exact placement of the machine to the wire coil is possible. The annealing device 'NV' with pyrometer enables a program-controlled heat treatment of the welded material to increase breaking strength.

    Similar products: Type SS80-FPC vertical without handling system dia. 6-20 mm

    For further information, our sales team will be at your service anytime.